How To Decapitate Your Enemies In Skyrim

We’ve already featured brief video guides here for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the fastest way to level up your archery skill level and robbing NPCs blind. If none of those were the kind of thing you’d lose your head over, maybe this will do the trick.

For all the new gameplay amendments in the latest edition, perhaps the one asked about most often is how to behead an enemy – the reason likely being that it’s not something you can do right away.

Decapitation is actually part of a perk found in either the One-Handed or Two-Handed weapons skill set titled “Savage Strike” and “Devastating Blow” respectively.  The perk affords an extra 25% of damage to standing power attacks and gives you the chance of lobbing off your adversary’s head as a finishing move. The only rub is that you have to reach level 50 in either skill to activate it, so don’t expect to be headhunting right out of the box.

The video below is from Youtuber clonejoe and shows you exactly what each step in the skill tree looks like. Now he claims to be “sitting in his house, which has nothing to do with this video,” but I think we all know what’s festering in that pot in front of him. Disgusting. Everyone knows heads are to be left au naturel for trophy cases.


And now, for your viewing pleasure (possibly NSFW):


How many heads have you taken in Skyrim? Did this help clear things up? Let us know in the comments or join our community in the forums!

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