PlayStation Vita Memory Card Prices Announced

The PlayStation Vita has been all about buzz since the announcement of the device, and in turn buzz began to follow about peripheral costs and the like. Not too long ago the hot rumor out there was that in order to have any memory capability on your $250 investment (and that’s the cheaper model,) you would in turn have to shell out (up to) an extra $120 for the maximum 32 GB card. Fans who were thrilled of the low price point on the device began to shriek in terror, small mobs of internet rage ensued and all seemed to be fizzling out in Vita-land…or is it?

Sony has officially released the price points for the cards today, all of which will be available for purchase upon the Vita’s release. Before we get to the actual prices, I have to say…while it’s certainly not as convenient as it would be to pick up an SD card, it’s not as bad as the now-debunked rumors claimed them to be. Here’s how it lines up:


4 GB PS Vita Memory Card- $19.99

8 GB PS Vita Memory Card- $29.99

16 GB PS Vita Memory Card- $59.99

32 GB PS Vita Memory Card- $99.99


I think seeing the highest price point still barely hang below three digits is more aesthetically pleasing, even if the maximum savings is only about $20. Now, if you feel like this is a great deal, please refrain from reading the following two sentences. Just to play Devil’s advocate, I looked up 32 GB SD Cards to see exactly how much more us normal folk will be paying for what amounts to be a one-use-only card that does essentially the same thing as a more accessible alternative. The results were saddening to my wallet, with most 32 GB SD Cards hovering around $34 and a couple of coins thrown in as well. Seeing as how the Vita recently had all launch titles officially announced, it will certainly be interesting to follow up on if these cards end up as a stroke of genius or in a pile along with the UMD drive and PSP Go.

How do you feel about these prices? Buy? No buy? Leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!

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