Rumor: The Last Guardian Has Been Cancelled [UPDATE – It’s Not]

Shed a few tears Playstation 3 owners, as it appears The Last Guardian has been cancelled.  A title that’s received very little information, it’s been a highly anticipated exclusive title for Sony fans across the world.

Long-time user hatmoza over at the VGChartz forums has stated that he received an automated voicemail from Gamestop confirming that his pre-order has been cancelled.  The reasoning? The voicemail stated that, “our pre-order for the Last Guardian has been terminated because the vendors confirmed that The Last Guardian has been canceled.”  If you’ve been looking forward to the title, then that’s a knife to your gut.

While the story does seem plausible, especially with the lack of footage from the title in recent months, we’re still classifying this as a rumor until Sony has confirmed the cancellation.  Do you think that The Last Guardian has been cancelled?  Were you looking forward to the title?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or sound off in our community!

[UPDATE] Sony Computer Enterainment’s Alex Armour was quick to address the GameStop situation and says without semblance of doubt that The Last Guardian is still in production. “That’s not true. It’s not canceled,” he says.

Gamestop has yet to comment on why they de-listed the game. You might remember that earlier this month, a “system issue” at Walmart caused a similar fiasco with Star Wars: The Old Republic preorders, though certainly not to the point where the game was feared axed. We’ll see if the company doesn’t comment on the matter in the near future.

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