WWE ’12 Divas DLC Release Date Confirmed

In the immortal words of Triple H, “are you ready?” Starting on Tuesday for Xbox 360 users, gamers around the globe will have access to THQ’s latest roster bolstering, with PlayStation 3 coming the following day on  Wednesday, December 21st. At a cost of 99 cents (or 80 Microsoft Points) per Diva, the pack includes the legendary Trish Stratus, Kharma (I’m assuming that her in-game model isn’t pregnant), The Bella Twins, and the obnoxiously loud Vickie Guerrero. Below, you can watch Trish Stratus’ entrance exactly how it will appear on your system of choice.



I should also mention that if you have purchased WWE Fan Axxess, you have already paid for all WWE ’12 DLC and will not be charged again for this purchase. For those who don’t have it, you can be charged a one-time fee of $11.99 (960 MS Points) and receive all DLC for essentially free. While this DLC pack isn’t stock full of characters I will find myself using often, I’ll still download it to have a complete roster. Be sure to let us know what you think of the new DLC in the comments below or in our forums!

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