This Week’s Video Game Releases: December 19, 2011

Welcome to the Stick Skills video game release preview for the week of December 19, 2011. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re not ones to play Grinch to anyone’s holiday spirit. So to get you set up for the big day on Sunday, we’ve got a festive Modern Warfare 3 kill montage from YouTube user SmallishBeans. It’s got everything from snowmen to Christmas trees to enemies in Santa hats getting a little more lead then they asked for as a present.


Your move, Miracle on 34th Street.

Moving ahead to what’s out this week, it’s not too late to pick up a gift for the Star War fan in your life (in your circle if that sounds less like a Zales commercial). Bioware’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Repbulic releases for the PC this Tuesday, and if one thing is certain, the game has ambition down to a tee. Set 300 years after Knights of the Old Repbublic amid a waning peace treaty between the Sith and Galactic Republic, players can choose either side and will be forced to weigh every moral decision made. The game features a multitude of highly customizable characters, classes, and combat styles, and will let players travel between over 17 planets in their own starship.

Continue on for the full list of games releasing this week!


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This Week’s Video Game Releases

Tuesday, December 20:

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)


Postal III (PC, Xbox 360)


Trine 2 ( Playstation Newtwork, Xbox Live Arcade)

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