Rumor – Ryse Could Be A Next Generation Xbox Title

When Crytek’s motion-based sword fighter Ryse was unveiled at this year’s E3 as an Xbox exclusive, it was assumed that the title, set in the days of the Roman Empire, would launch for the Kinect in the later portion of 2012. However, going the way of so many other rumors recently, a new report from IGN might signal a different future for the game.

As noted by the gaming website’s article on Friday, a LinkedIn resume positing by a self-proclaimed “former Crytek senior designer” lists her credentials have having worked on Ryse. The only peculiarity is that she lists the title as “X-Box Next Gen” and one that’s “pushing boundaries of next generation gaming.”

It’s an interesting concept – one that makes sense, as a next generation Xbox title may well be integrated with a brand new version of Kinect. However, the legitimacy of LinkedIn resumes has always been subject to doubt, especially in the case of the “semi-secret gaming project.” There’s also nothing more to suggest a next generation console other than the resume’s phrasing, which – if valid – might only refer to an updated version of Kinect or the Xbox 360 being “next-gen” after the original Xbox.

What do you think about the Ryse rumor? Does the idea of motion based gaming in the next generation have any appeal? Let us know in the comments, or join our great community in the forums!

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