Xbox Live iOS App Released; Screenshots Revealed

In a rare circumstance of a Microsoft and an Apple product actually working in unison, Microsoft has released its first Xbox Live application for iOS users.

Major Nelson announced on his blog today that the Xbox Live app is now available on the iTunes App Store and is a “universal app that is designed for all iOS devices. ”

The app is free and includes the following features:

  • Read and send messages to friends
  • Manage your friends list, invite new friends
  • Read and Edit your full LIVE profile (name, bio, motto)
  • Change your avatar features/items with the avatar closet
  • View and compare your achievement progress with friends

Several screenshots of the app have also been released. Major Nelson’s Flickr account has a handful, while the shots in our gallery below are iPad screens sent to us courtesy of @SeanK.



Overall the app seems to reflect the stylings of the new fall Xbox Dashboard update, which in turn reflect the sylings of the Windows 7 phone menus. After spending some time with the iPhone app, the navigation seems to be very smooth and it’s instantly preferable to the knock off Xbox Live apps that were available to Apple users before.

Let us know what you think of the app and how it works in the comment or the forums!

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