UFC Grapples Its Way To Xbox Live This December

Back at this year’s E3, Microsoft unveiled a host of new features for the Xbox Live Dashboard, one of them being the UFC on Xbox Live application that will be available for download later this year.

It’s now been confirmed that the service will debut on December 20 for free download, with Gold members having the ability to purchase past and present pay-per-view fights. Also exclusive to Gold members will be access to “premium” features such as fight predictions with leaderboard integration, interactive fight cards, live coverage of press conferences and weigh-ins, a broadcast of the show Countdown to UFC, and more.

Since the service doesn’t launch until December 20, the first live pay-per-view fight will debut on December 30 with UFC 141, headlined by the heavywight clash of Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem.

All events will be broadcast in high-definition, and as long as Lesnar and Overeem go longer than the last pair of UFC heavyweights to square off, Xbox Live should have a more successful debut than the boys at FOX did in October.

What features are you looking forward to most with the new Xbox Live dashboard updates. Do you plan on watching UFC 141 through Xbox Live. If so, who do you have as your winners. Sound off in the comments or the forums!

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