Best Gaming Clip of the Week: Across the Map Knife

Each and every week, we’re searching all across the internet for the the best gaming clip of the week.  While we’ve seen a great amount of clips this week, only one clip can win each week.  Today, we bring to you an impressive clip by YouTube user iTend2GoBEAST.

We’re a fan of random things that work out successfully, and nothing showcases that quite like this ridiculously impressive tomahawk throw in Modern Warfare 3.  You’ll probably shout out a few obscenities as you watch this knife bounce off a ton of objects and ultimately get the kill.   We’d like to say thanks to CODForums247.com user cccgolfer08 for bringing this clip to our attention this week.

What do you think about this week’s Best Gaming Clip of the Week?  Think you have something better?  Leave us a comment below with your clip, or send us your clip on Twitter using the hashtag #BGCofW.  We’ll evaluate each clip we receive, as well as search the internet for the best clip as well.  Be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know what you think, or join our community today!

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