Rumor: Call of Duty: Black Ops Might Get a Sequel

Anyone who has played Call of Duty: Black Ops’ campaign knows that the ending was anything but resolute. I mean, what really happened to Mason after the sweeping events of the game’s finale? Would Ed Harris Agent Hudson really just let him go on his own after knowing what he knows? And what was that the meaning of the JFK in Dallas montage during the end scene?

First reported in a good spot by ConnectedConsoles, the new Christmas 2011 issue of Playstation Magazine UK says that we might get another game to glean more information out of the Black Ops storyline. In the issue’s “Rumour Machine” column, a blurb appears reading “Treyarch’s next COD game will be a direct sequel to Black Ops.”

Quite honestly, I don’t think anyone would be surprised. With Modern Warfare’s current storyline being wrapped up in the last game, and – as our recent editorial suggested – with the uncharted territory for new settings rapidly shrinking, a return to Black Ops would not only be easy but might also be welcomed by many fans.

Seeing as the next Call of Duty game is expected to release in the same November time frame next year, we’ll likely know one way or the other in the coming months.

Where do you see the next Call of Duty ending up? Where would you like it to see ending up. Leave us a comment below, or join our awesome forum communities in the main Stick Skills forums or our new CODForums247.com!

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