Rumor: BioWare’s New Game to Involve RTS Elements

One of the more anticipated titles to be revealed at this year’s Video Game Awards has to be BioWare’s new title.  BioWare is a sacred name to most gamers, and while they’ve had a their fare share of mistakes, they’ve crafted great worlds and stories for gamers to experience.

With their new title mostly under wraps, we’ve been passed a new rumor regarding the direction of the game.  Our source has claimed that the title, while military focused, will incorporate RTS elements.  BioWare has done great work with the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, but involving RTS elements into a military style game is still something that consoles haven’t seen accomplished in a widely successful manner.  While Halo: Wars was a solid effort in the RTS genre, we’re interested to see what BioWare may have in store.

The Next Game From BioWare
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This is still classified as a rumor, as there’s no concrete evidence other than the information that we’ve been e-mailed.  What do you think about the possibility of BioWare incorporating elements of the RTS genre into their title?  What direction do you think BioWare is going to take their new title in?  Be sure to leave us a comment below, or sound off in our forums!

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