Online Theives Steal Millions From Xbox Live Users In Scam

In one of the largest scamming incidents in Xbox Live’s history, millions of dollars have been stolen by a group of online thieves in a scam that saw thousands of Xbox Live accounts get broken into. The story was first reported this morning by The Sun.

Part of the ruse involved a “phishing” con where users received emails directing them to fake websites that offered free Microsoft Points. Hoodwinked gamers then entered personal information, which gave over access to their accounts and credit card information.

The thieves managed to stay anonymous for a significant period of time by stealing small amounts of money from credit cards over a number of weeks. Victims only realized they had been had after their Xbox Live accounts became locked out from another user accessing it. When all was said and done, thousands of gamers in 35 countries lost an average of $155, but many lost upwards of $300.

It goes without saying that credit card information shouldn’t be given to anyone who can’t be trusted. Although, I can’t help but wonder if the intent was to exploit minors who might have had access to a parent’s credit card for their Xbox Live accounts.

For advice on protecting your Xbox Live account, check out our article from earlier this month that features three simple tips.

Have you been a victim of the recent Xbox Live scam? Has anyone made an attempt to gain access to your personal information? Let us know by leaving a comment and all of your bank account details below or in the forums.

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