Fall Xbox Live Dashboard Update – Details and Date

Every fall, the Xbox Live Dashboard interface receives its main update from Microsoft, and the changes ushered in are modest in some years while drastic in others. This year’s edition seems to be more along the lines of the former.

Major Nelson announced on his blog today that this fall’s dashboard update would be available on Tuesday December 6th and will feature the following changes:

  • New personal and social features including Cloud Storage for Game Saves and LIVE Profile
  • Beacons and Facebook Sharing
  • Enhanced Family Settings
  • Integrated voice and gesture controls across the dashboard and in apps
  • Bing voice search (Available this year in the US, UK and CA)

The dashboard will also receive a visual facelift, making it resemble the squared tile look of the Windows phone OS.

Major Nelson’s also went on to promise the constant addition of new content for Xbox Live throughout the holiday months, including “New, customized applications for television, movies, internet videos, sports and music.”

What changes do you think need to be made to the Xbox Live Dashboard? Are you happy with those that are announced? Does Microsoft need to add more improvements to the list? Sound off in the comments or the forums!

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