Max Payne 3 Special Edition Announced by Rockstar

Special editions are just about everywhere now.   If you’re a fan of bullet time & the Max Payne series, then you’re going to be a rather happy individual today. Why?  Because Rockstar has just announced that Max Payne 3 will be receiving a special edition.

You’ll be receiving a statue of Max Payne himself, along with quite a few bonuses for picking the edition up.   The special edition will cost you $99.99/£99.99/€109.99.

The special edition will include a digital character for multiplayer, along with several multiplayer weapon packs that you won’t find anywhere else.  Below, we’ve listed the details as provided by Rockstar.

•    A copy of Max Payne 3.
•    10” tall Collectible Max Payne Statue created in a collaboration between TriForce and Rockstar Games.
•    Series of game-inspired Original Still Life Art Prints that depict some of Max Payne’s inner demons and vices.
•    Copper and brass-plated iron, bullet-shaped Bullet Keychain featuring a screw-off back.
•    Classic Multiplayer Character Pack of eight playable multiplayer characters for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, including fan favorites from the original Max Payne and Max Payne 2 like Max Payne from Max Payne 2, Mona Sax and Vladimir Lem.
•    Disorderly Conduct Multiplayer Weapons Pack for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer that includes the Hammerhead Auto Shotgun, G9 Grenade Launcher and Molotov cocktail.
•    Max Payne 3 Official Soundtrack featuring the game’s instrumental score.

The special edition for Max Payne 3 is available to pre-order from now until January 15th, and is only available at select retailers for the time being.  Rockstar Games has included additional information in regards to availability on their website.

What do you think about the special edition for Max Payne 3?  Are you planning on picking up the regular or special edition when it hits store shelves early next year?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or sound off in our forums!

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