The Mind Of A Battlefield Veteran On Call Of Duty

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 released within weeks of each other this season and both possess ardent and passionate fan bases. Caught up in the crossfire, though, are the bold gamers who try to balance time between both titles. Doing so successfully is a high-wire act that not everyone can survive.

Seeing as though Modern Warfare 3 released two weeks after Battlefield, many gamers are apt to be making the jump from EA’s sprawling, open warfare style of play to the tight quarters of Activision’s more arcadic shooter.

What can such a thing look like? Here are 8 of the most common thoughts floating through the mind of a new Modern Warfare 3 grunt, fresh off of spending hours upon hours blowing up tanks and skydiving in Davamand Peak.


8: Enemy Sighted!…Now What’s the Score?

Nothing says “Battlefield veteran” like tapping at the “back” button while simultaneously shooting at an opponent. Now if a few more of your teammates can spot some enemies, you’ll have a fighting chance.


7: That guy’s about 100 yards away, I’ll never hit him. I should save my ammo instead.

[Gets shot in the head one second later by same opponent’s pistol]


6: Fence in the way? Let’s cut it down!

In an odd turn of events, knives seem to be more potent on human flesh then on iron wiring in Call of Duty. Next thing you know they’ll be telling us you can’t harness the power of the sun in a flashlight either.

This guy might need a med-kit

5: If I time this jump just right, I can deploy my parachute for a soft landing.

Hopefully your teammates enjoy street pizza. On the bright side, you did just complete a challenge!


4: Grenade Launcher Attachments? Sign me up!

Surely such a weapon is a perfectly acceptable and skillful way of killing someone, right?…Right?


3: I’m deep in enemy territory. I should lie low so my buds can spawn on me.

Never mind. Four guys just spawned to the north, south, east, and west. Looks like you got the place on lockdown.


2: I just fired 50 LMG rounds into that window. The guy hiding under it inside must be scared s@#%less!

         No. No he’s not. The only suppression going on here is that of your score.


1: How do I get into this Jeep? 

          The door’s locked.



Think we missed something? Any personal experiences of gaffes made by switching between games? Let us know in the comments or join our great community in the forums!



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