DICE To Patch Battlefield 3’s Tactical Flashlights

First person shooters often find themselves struggling to balance the occasional overpowered weapon. In the case of Battlefield 3, however, the bane of its multiplayer arsenal has been those nifty tactical lights players can attach to a variety of weapons. As it stands, they contain more power than the sun, and one flicker in your direction by an opponent seemingly has the same effect as staring down a flashbang grenade.

Fortunately, DICE has apparently heard everyone’s complaints. Core gameplay designer Alan Kurtz was speaking on the Don’t Revive Me Bro podcast when he announced that a new patch will be releasing to tone down the the game’s highly potent tac lights. There’s no official date yet for when the patch will be available, but Kurtz later tweeted a set of pictures to reference his earlier comments.

From all appearances, it looks like the light physics will be a lot more realistic.  Players can still gain a tactical edge with the lights and those on the receiving end won’t feel like one of The Taken in Alan Wake.

Tactical light before

Tactical light with the patch

What do you think about the tactical lights in Battlefield 3? Do you enjoy being able to blind an opponent or will you be happy once things are taken down a notch? Let us know in the comments or sign up in our forums!

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