Hacking Returns in Modern Warfare 3

If you played a decent amount of Modern Warfare 2, we’re quite sure that you received at least one message about “10th prestige lobbies” or saw quite a few hacks in the game.  While Modern Warfare 3 has been rather pleasant so far, during a match or two of the game this morning we ran across a few hacked gamertags.

We were only able to capture an image of one of the gamertags, which we’ve included below.  At this point it only shows as a hacked gamertag, but this is where it started for Modern Warfare 2.  We’re dreading the day of seeing 10th prestige lobby messages or even worse, the aimbot coming to the game.  If you didn’t think an aimbot mod could come to Modern Warfare 3, then think again.

What do you think about hacking starting to surface again in Modern Warfare 3?  We’re hoping that Infinity Ward has a plan to have it cease, as it could ruin what has already become a great community within the title.  Be sure to leave us a comment below, and check out our new Call of Duty based community!

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