Twenty Minutes of Mass Effect 3 Beta Footage Emerges

Oh, you thought you had to wait until January to get your hands on the Mass Effect 3 beta?  A lucky few gamers in the Xbox Live Preview program were rather lucky, as Microsoft actually put the beta up early on accident.  With the beta being snagged up rather quickly with a few lucky people, videos of the beta were bound to make their way out.

Thanks to YouTube user Gamer812, we have over twenty minutes of footage for the Mass Effect 3 co-op beta.  Please keep in mind that the beta is obviously not a finished product, but you’ll get the general idea of how everything works.  Continue viewing below for the video footage.

What do you think about the Mass Effect 3 beta footage?  Are you excited to be able to get your hands on the beta within the next few months?  Be sure to leave us a comment below to let us know what you think, or sound off in our forums!

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