EA’s CEO Comments on Battlefield 3 Server Problems

So far it’s been smooth sailing for Battlefield 3 in the sales department, but as anyone who’s played the game online can testify to, all these boats are creating a turbulent wake in the mercurial waters known as the EA servers. Players of both the PC and console versions alike have frequently been subject to lagging, time-outs, and full on server outages.

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello

In an Electronic Arts financial call earlier today, Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello boasted a strong launch for the blockbuster FPS title, saying, “Battlefield 3 is off to a fantastic start on sales and quality.”

It was theses sales, however, that Riccitiello attributed to the network issues being experienced by many gamers right now. “In terms of network services, we’ve had unprecedented peaks,” he said. EA doesn’t foresee any long term problems with the issue though, as the CEO later stated they’ve “got a handle on it.”

The troubles weren’t explained much beyond that – this was a financial call after all, one in which EA reported second-quarter revenue in excess of Wall Street’s expectations – but the latest feedback on the game has, in fact, indicated that the situation is improving.

How has your experience with Battlefield 3 been thus far? Have you found the reports of server outages to be greatly exaggerated? Has the game been downright unplayable at times? Be sure to sound off in the comments or the new forums!

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