Extra Life Giveaway: Dance Central 2

The fine folks over at Harmonix today have confirmed that we at StickSkills will be able to giveaway 3 copies of Dance Central 2 for the Extra Life charity. Dance Central 2 will be hitting stores on 10/25 and you have the opportunity to get your hands on the game for supporting Extra Life by making a donation to help sick children. The Extra Life charity has already raised more than 1 million dollars and there is still time to keep that number rising and getting that great feeling of doing something that will make a difference.

We will be drawing winners from those who have donated to the StickSkills Extra Life team and the winners will be announced on 10/26 at 5pm PST. You can make a donation right now to be entered into the drawing Donate here. Good luck everyone and thank you in advance for your donations!

*Winners must reside in the US as the games are NTSC*

Update with winners:

Jam D.

Sean K.

Kristen G.

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