Report: “Xbox Next” out in 2013, PS4 to Follow, Games in Development

Develop has published dual reports today from their sources in the industry that say Sony and Microsoft have undertaken initial development for projects on the Playstation 4 and the currently dubbed “Xbox Next” respectively.

The website quotes a “trusted source to the matter” that Sony has begun work on a number of first-party projects for the Playstation 4, although it wont be expected to release before 2014.

Meanwhile, the report on Microsoft, according to Develop’s “multiple sources across the industry,” states that the company is planning to reveal their new Xbox at E3 2013 and will make it available in stores by the holiday of that year. The report goes on to mention that Lionhead is working on an internally named “Fable Next” project for the system, and that Epic’s new Unreal Engine might be available by the time the new console is released.

Both companies have declined any comment on the matter, and we’ve seen multiple reports in the past that have been refuted. At some point though, it’s inevitable that the next-generation of consoles will be unveiled. With most analysts projecting the current console cycle to last around 10 years, these timetables seen very plausible.

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