Watch Harrison Ford Play Uncharted 3

I had this Nathan Drake fella figured out from the start. Just another Indiana Jones wannabe running around and digging up secrets in places most men would never dare go. So what does the real legend have to say about this Uncharted game all the kids are playing these days? Turns out he loves it.

Appearing in Japan to make a commercial spot for the game, camera crews were on hand as Ford played through some of Uncharted 3’s epic sequences. “Fantastic!” and “Exciting!” are just a few of the adjectives he uses to capture the drama in a way only a 69 -year old man playing video games can. Although while he does seem to be a bit foreign to handling a controller, it’s clear that he’s eating it up like a kid a candy store.

And this is the final cut of the television spot that will be appearing in Japan:

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