Top 5 Launch Titles on the Xbox 720

As if it needs to be said, a new console by Microsoft will inevitably be announced within the next few years.  While there’s a heavy focus on what technology should be within the system, we’re focused on what the top five launch games may be for that system.  While technology helps the system’s longevity, it needs games to keep you satisfied with your purchase.

Below, we’ve listed five games that we feel need to and should launch for the Xbox 720 when it releases.  While the numbers or the entire name may change, these are the series that should be present upon launch.

5. Call of Duty

You’ve have to be crazy to think that Activision won’t have a presence when the new consoles launch.  Call of Duty has been the most popular shooter during this current console generation, and has even overtaken Halo in terms of sales on the Xbox 360.  With Call of Duty Elite being in full effect as well, we’re expecting to see a massive launch coordinated for this title.

Call of Duty’s engine severely needs an upgrade, and the next wave of consoles is surely to bring that. It’s hard to guess what iteration of Call of Duty we might be seeing at this point, but if there’s one thing we’re confident on, it’ll be there.

4. Mass Effect

Whether or not you’re an RPG fan, you can’t deny the brilliance behind Mass Effect as a series.  With the third title preparing to launch early next year, fans will be able to take their decisions they’ve made over the past few years to change what happens in the third title.  Impressive? We think so.

When the next console generation comes around, BioWare should be able to deliver such a massive experience that our heads won’t be able to wrap around it.  The title could fully include cooperative play through the campaign, more hours of story, and features that BioWare could only think of.  While Mass Effect has been a great series this generation, we feel that BioWare has bigger plans for it come time for the Xbox 720 to launch.

3. Gears of War

When the Xbox 360 first launched, many picked the Halo series to be the most dominant for the console.  As both Halo & Gears of War have aged as a series, Gears of War has picked up steam.  From a graphical and gameplay standpoint, Gears of War has proven as a title that’s here to stay.

With the launch of a new Gears of War title, we may not see Marcus Fenix as the main character, but there’s still room for quite a bit of action in the universe.  Whether Epic decides to explore the Pendulum Wars or take the battle to a new area, a new Gears of War title is a must for a new console launch by Microsoft.

2. Halo 5

As mentioned above, Halo has lost its grip on the shooter market in the last few years.  While it’s still a consistently played title, it’s nowhere near the domination that it used to hold on Xbox Live activity charts.  While Halo 4 is gearing up for a launch next year, it’s no secret that the Halo franchise is an important one to Microsoft.

With Master Chief being the “mascot” of sorts for Xbox, expect the launch title for the Xbox 720 to be a Halo masterpiece.  We’ve seen quite a bit of gameplay changes and modes both come and leave Halo in recent years.  Microsoft will have the Halo title that launches on their next console be in both the forefront of their marketing efforts, and in the hopeful hearts of gamers.

1. Grand Theft Auto

For almost two years now, fans have expected a reveal of Grand Theft Auto 5 for current generation consoles.  Rockstar has stayed extremely mum on any details or confirmation for the title as well.  It seems more and more likely that Grand Theft Auto 5 will not launch on this cycle of consoles, and may be headed for the next wave.

While Grand Theft Auto IV initially launched to rave reviews, the title’s longevity wasn’t there.  The next Grand Theft Auto can’t be released with roughly the same features and story, or the franchise is set to be doomed.  A new console with more power can help Grand Theft Auto change the genre again and redefine the sandbox world such as Grand Theft Auto III did.

What do you think about our thoughts on the most logical launch titles for the Xbox 720?  What titles do you personally think will launch on Microsoft’s next console?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or sound off in our forums!

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