Battlefied 3 Preorders Surpass 2 Million, EA Announces

Just one week from Battlefield 3’s release, over 2 million gamers are prepared to suit up on the day of the game’s launch. In a good spot by IGN, EA product manager Kevin O’Leary came on the Fox Business Network yesterday to discuss Battlefield 3’s development and mentioned it’s current preorder status.

In the video embedded below, which actually makes a decent watch for the duration of the interview, O’Leary is asked how well the preorders are going. “We’re doing very, very well,” he said. “A couple million out there. We already announced some great numbers so far. A couple more weeks to go, and we’re very excited.”

It’s been a while since Activision has given us preorder numbers for Modern Warfare 3, but with the rivalry between EA and Activision looking every bit the part of a video game Cold War, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an announcement somewhere around 12:00 AM on October 25.

What are your plans for Battlefield 3? Is your preorder already in place or are you waiting for the review scores to come out? Do you even plan to buy Battlefield 3 at all? Let us know below or in the newly updated forums.

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