Online Pass Coming for Battlefield 3

In news that comes as little surprise to just about everyone, DICE has confirmed that the online pass will be coming to Battlefield 3. The news comes via the Twitter feed of DICE’s Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz. In response to a Tweeter’s question as to whether or not a new copy needed to be purchased for multiplayer access, Kertz replied, “you can also purchase an online pass for a used copy.”



The online pass system has been a growing trend amongst developers like EA (EA Sports in particular) in an effort to undercut the loss in profit they receive due to the used games market. As Kertz later added, “servers cost money, and used games don’t make developers any money.” With a first rate title like Battlefield 3 now employing the system, it appears that EA is hoping to make it the status quo.

Generally speaking an online pass cost $10-$15 and can be purchased as downloadable content for used games. This gives the owner access to all of the same online features as those who bought the game brand new. At the same time however, it nearly renders the sale and purchase of used games obsolete.

What do you think about new trend of the online pass and its inclusion into Battlefield 3? Sound off in the forums or the comments below!

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