First Reveal of Battlefield 3’s Maps

As the clock painstakingly counts down to Battlefield 3’s release on Tuesday, October 25, more and more information about the game is starting to be revealed. In the last 48 hours, we’ve seen a new trailer for Frostbite 2.0’s destruction engine, learned about the implementation of an online pass, heard about DICE’s extensive plans for post-release DLC. Now comes a set of new screenshots in the developer’s latest Battleblog post that reveals several of the multiplayer maps in the game.



Gamers will likely recognize Operation Metro from the beta that’s been available these past 3 weeks. The post also features Operation Firestorm,  one of the biggests map of the game, Tehran Highway, and Davamand Peak.

The article provides some insight each setting’s purpose and the style of gameplay the developers hope to achieve for each map. It’s good read for anyone who appreciates the design philosophies behind games, and perhaps wants to get a head start on their own strategies.

Battleblog #13 [EA]

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