Battlefield 3 DLC: “Massive Plan” In the Works

For Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players who remember the VIP pass and it’s intermittent allowance of new maps and available game modes, as well as the Onslaught DLC and Battlefield: Vietnam, it was clear that DICE was experimenting with a model for DLC development.

While nothing specific has been announced regarding Battlefield 3’s DLC in terms of content or price, it’s now clear it has been a major part of the game’s development for long time. In speaking with MCV Wednesday, DICE Creative Director Lars Gustavsson touched on post-launch projects the company had in store to support Battlefield 3, particularly regarding DLC.

DICE's Lars Gustavsson

“We’ve completely restructured our studio around it. Nowadays, we have operations team who looks at the title when it starts getting closer to launch (or long before) with potential downloadable content and so on, to really have a plan. Otherwise you’re quite likely to start slipping. If you’re focusing just before release on what you’re going to ship post-launch, then I think you have problems.

“So, yes there is a massive plan in place.”

What are your plans, if any, to purchase DLC in Battlefield 3? What kind of additions would you like to see for the game in its post-release life-cycle? Be sure to let us know!

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