Tritton AX Pro Headset Review

On the competitive gaming landscape, headsets have become one of the most important accessories you can have. With headsets allowing you to tune various channels to your liking, having a great headset can take your game to where you’ve always wanted it to be. Whether you’re a Call of Duty fan, music lover, cinema buff, or all of the above, a great headset can make things much easier on yourself and those living in the same household as you.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review Tritton’s AX Pro headset. I’ve used the headset with over twenty different titles on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and for editing on my laptop. After spending an extensive amount of time with the headset, it has easily replaced my previous wireless headset for my Xbox 360 and my bluetooth headset on my Playstation 3.

One of the greatest benefits for having a headset is the ability to tune the channels. When playing a first-person shooter, tuning the rear channel in your headset allows for you to become much more aware of any enemies attempting to sneak up behind you. Advantage? We think so.

No matter the form of media that you’re using the Tritton AX Pro headset for, you’ll easily be able to tune the audio to your liking. The headset features built-in 5.1 surround sound, a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked on the headset. The amount of customization to your headset and the channels can often bring a euphoric sound to your ears with each listen.

The Tritton AX Pro headset is extremely comfortable, which is a main concern if you’re planning on spending plenty of hours playing competitively. The headset fully encompasses your ears, immediately immersing you in your game. While the headset is rather large, it’s made of light materials and isn’t bothersome after spending a few hours playing your favorite game. For individuals not used to wearing headsets, however, you may need to take a break every so often.

The headset also features a detachable boom mic, which proves to be rather flexible. Whether you just want to detach the headset to not use the mic feature or if you’re packing the headset up for a trip, it’s a much welcomed feature that adds to the accessibility of the headset.

While the look and feel of the headset is definitely important, what you truly care about is the sound quality. The Tritton AX Pro headset delivers in this department, providing clear and crisp audio. While the headset allows you to tune your individual channels, there’s also the ability to fine tune your bass as well. After spending numerous hours with the headset and using it for various games and uses, it’s extremely hard to find a single gripe about the sound quality.

While the gripes with the headset may be few and far between, the cords will cause a bit of an annoyance with most gamers. While it’s nice that the cords are rather long to accommodate individuals who sit far from their consoles, it can be frustrating at times to deal with the cords. While it’s not a huge annoyance, it can be frustrating from time to time. However, if you don’t mind wired headsets, then it shouldn’t prove to be much of a deal breaker for you.

The initial installation and setting up of the headset can and will definitely be intimidating to the casual gamer, but it’s worth the pain. Once the headset has been setup, it’s incredibly difficult to find a headset of the quality for the same price. If you’ve been looking for a way to step up your game on your console and have the cash available, you can’t go wrong with the Tritton AX Pro headset.

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