EA Reveals Official Dead Space 2 Cover Art

 EA Reveals Official Dead Space 2 Cover Art

Seeing a necromorph in the shadows isn’t exactly putting the odds in your favor, unless you’re Isaac Clarke.  After the success of the first Dead Space title, EA is preparing to launch the sequel to the survival-horror title next year.

Though Dead Space 2 is apparently still quite some time away from hitting store shelves, EA has made the box art official today. Taking a look at the box art below, it seems as if the team is shifting more towards a focus on Isaac Clarke this time around. Dead Space 2 is the survival-horror title everyone’s been waiting for, and given the climactic events on the ISS Ishimura in the first game, it’s hard not to wonder what’s going to happen to Isaac Clark. It’s a given that it’ll be full of Necromorphs like the last title, which is a welcome thing given the multitude of methods by which you could defeat them.

The focus on Isaac is definitely a welcome change – he was but a mere engineer caught up in something infinitely bigger than himself, and the second game looks like it may deal with the mental and emotional consequences of the traumatic experiences he underwent during the first game. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the struggle against this bizarre enemy in a far bigger environment, although the claustrophobic corridors were what made it as tense as the final hand in a Party Poker tournament. If any of you have any predictions, feel free to leave them below – we can’t wait to find out what happens, and we bet you can’t either!

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