Stick Skills Battlefield 3 Server Battlefield 3 Server

Play Matches, Win Prizes

Welcome to the official home for StickSkill’s Battlefield 3 server on the Xbox 360. Only on the Battlefield 3 server can you win prizes such as the latest XBLA game, Microsoft Points, Xbox LIVE subscriptions, etc. just by playing with in our games and participating with our community. You may be wondering how you can win prizes like those above, but before we get into that, let’s go over some server information.

How to find our server:

Log into Battlefield 3, head over to Multiplayer and open up the server browser. From there, put in a search for “StickSkills” or “” and our server should pop right up. From there, you can join, but before you do, we recommend you put us in your favorites so you can find us easier.

Server Rules:

The rules for the server are pretty generic. Mainly just playing the game normally will keep you out of trouble. Try not to team kill if it is enabled, don’t be a douche and start cursing out everyone, and have fun.

Also, please don’t ask to be VIP, or a server admin. We will get to how you can be a server VIP later.

Map and Gametype Rotation:

Maps and gametypes are rotated on a regular basis. If you think a map or gametype isn’t showing up as often as you’d like, or you have suggestions on what we should add, let us know by posting in the Battlefield 3 section on our forums. We are always listening!

VIP’s and Admins:

Admins on the server are the staff for the site. Our full time staff who play Battlefield 3 on the Xbox are the only ones who will ever be admin. No one else will be granted this rank. However, you we will be granting VIP access to those who are active within our community, play actively on the server, follow the rules and who we see fit. VIPs won’t get any special access to prizes above anyone else, but will get priority in joining the server. This will help a lot during our game-nights on Battlefield 3 if they end up getting packed.

Prizes, prizes and PRIZES!!!

Yes, this is probably the section you all are looking for, prizes. As mentioned above, you can earn prizes such as Microsoft Points, Games, XBL subscriptions, and more by just playing on our server. Some prizes may be given out randomly to players during game nights, or big prizes might be given out to those who manage to knife a StickSkills staff member, nab our dog tags and get a picture of it. If we are ever giving out a big prize, instructions  and details will be on this page, our frontpage and throughout our Twitter and Facebook pages.

What are you waiting for?

Now that we gave you a run through of our server, what are you waiting for? Hop on your Xbox, log into our server and start playing. Who knows, maybe you’ll win the next prize by just playing some BF3!