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‘Dead Rising 3′ to receive Operation Broken Eagle DLC this month


Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 is filled with zany zombie action, but players that have already survived the city may be hankering for another opportunity to throw down with the undead. They will get that chance later this month.

Operation Broken Eagle DLC, the first episode in the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos set, centers around Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane. The President of the United States has gone missing, and Kane needs to find him. The DLC sports a new mission, five new weapons, a new combo weapon, one new vehicle, a new outfit, and more Achievements. The pricing has not been released.

In addition, players on the fence about the game itself can now have access to a timed demo for the main game, though it will be limited. You’ll be able to explore the down for 20 minutes, two times per Gamertag. Not much, but enough for you to know if you want the game.

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