Walmart is absolutely slashing prices on brand new games (and basically everything else)

Walmart Deals Header

In a freak incident overnight, the Walmart website has went absolutely bonkers and giving discounts on items in the neighborhood of 90% off or so. This would be written off as just another day in the glitch-filled world of internet commerce if it weren’t for the deals lasting well over four hours since they first broke.

The deals weren’t limited to just video games. If you’d like a 20″ or better monitor for $8.85, go for it. Want a pressure washer for $15? Here you go. How about a craps table for $89? Or an entire damn BOWFLEX for $33? Well they’re all going for these prices and there’s plenty reason to believe Walmart is honoring these prices for in-store pickups, whether they meant to or not.

As you can tell from the header, there’s an absolute ton of price slashes. Just about every other brand new game around is price-slashed to $18.03 (that price makes no sense, really). That means Pokemon X/Y, FIFA 14, Madden 25. There has been no shortage of stories of people buying a meager cart of twelve copies of Battlefield 4, five copies Grand Theft Auto V on each console, and oh, say, seven copies of Diablo III. In fact, that very payload is right here in a picture by Slickdeals user Sundownn.

Walmart Deal Payload


It seems Walmart is honoring many of these online prices, and are definitely honoring in-store pickups as evidenced by several lucky buyers online.

Hell, the official Walmart twitter even responded to a happy customer with this:

If you want to snag some cheap games, or a cheap crib, or a cheap craps table, then go to the Walmart website now and grab them while you still can (and while someone is still crazy enough to honor these prices!)

Did you grab anything? Let us know in the comments below!