Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, prologue to Phantom Pain, launching in spring 2014

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Screen

There’s been a lot of discussion around Kojima Digital Entertainment and its brainchild series Metal Gear Solid, specifically on the relationship Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain have to one another.

After a brief moment of confusion, mostly due to details not yet announced, we now understand where Ground Zeroes fits in. MGSV: GZ will be a prologue to the story of Phantom Pain, as well as an introduction to the more open-world opportunities Phantom Pain will provide.

In interviews and press releases, it’s been made clear Ground Zeroes will serve as a transition from previous Metal Gear Solid titles to the new open-world of Phantom Pain.

The game will feature the main storyline, with additional side missions and a more wide-open approach to situations, testing players in all of the scenarios they may face in the Phantom Pain. It should be interesting to see how well this will do.

To me, this strikes me as a situation not dissimilar to Dead Rising 2, in which Case Zero was released, as a way to introduce characters, mechanics, and any new additions to players. I love it especially at its price point of $19.99 for digital versions on Xbox 360 and PS3, and just $29.99 for next-gen and boxed current-gen versions.

Also, the press released answered the question assuredly burning on the tip of your tongue. These entries are indeed canon. Be still, my beating heart.

Do you think you’ll pick it up to get used to Metal Gear Solid’s new direction, or just hold out for Phantom Pain? Would you like to see more of these standalone games serving as introductions to a bigger title? Let us know in the comments section below.