Details arrive for PlayStation 4’s day one system update


For those anticipating a slew of features with the PlayStation 4 from launch, we know today just exactly which ones made the cut to the launch day update, update 1.5.

In a blog post on the official PlayStation blog, Social Media Manager Sid Shuman made a lengthy list of every feature set to debut day one with the PS4:

  • Remote play
  • Second screen
  • Gameplay/screenshot sharing
  • Live broadcasting
  • Play as you download
  • Multi log-in
  • Party voice chat
  • Facial recognition/voice commands for PlayStation Camera
  • Background music player
  • Online multiplayer
  • Blu-ray disc and DVD player

This generation, some of these features, like online multiplayer and the new party voice chat, will be behind the PlayStation Plus paywall as subtly explained in the post.

Some of these are a little confusing (so if we don’t get the day-one patch, we can’t use the Blu-ray or DVD player? Or play music as we play a game?) but I’m sure there’s some really super genius reason for that… or not.

For some brief details on each of the confirmed day-one features of the PlayStation 4, check out the official blog post.

Are you happy with the lineup of features available day one? Is there anything you heard about that you’re disappointed didn’t make the cut? Are you even getting a PlayStation 4 at launch? Let us know in the comments below.