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Special 4th of July ‘League of Legends’ skin sale announced

Uncle Ryze

In honor of America’s independence, Riot Games is running a special League of Legends skin sale which will begin tomorrow. In it, you’ll find Statue Karthus, Uncle Ryze, and Minuteman Gangplank at a lowered cost than usual.

  • Uncle Ryze – 260 RP
  • Statue of Karthus – 260 RP
  • Minuteman Gangplank – 260 RP

As always, there will also be a trio of champions on sale.

  • Thresh – 487 RP
  • Nocturne – 440 RP
  • Xin Zhao – 395 RP

The sale start tomorrow and only runs through July 5, so get them while they’re hot, and if you’re from the States, enjoy the weekend!

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