Valve may have started an ARG for ‘Half-Life 3′


When Valve first teased Portal 2 they did it with an update to the original Portal. The update came with very vague patch notes; it added radios that held messages to the game and it slightly altered the ending. Ultimately the game ended as Game Informer revealed Portal 2 would premier on their cover.

Well, Valve has updated Half-Life 2 today.

The patch seems to convert the games language to Korean. While it was originally believed by any and all with common sense to simply be an error, Valve’s Steam Support twitter account it either playing into fans desires or actually teasing something. The account posted the following tweet:

WARNING: The most recent HL2 update has some issues. We’re working to fix this, you can pause the update for now. 예측하지 못한 결과에 대비하라…

That tweet seems fairly standard until you get to the end of it, which happens to be in Korean. What’s more, it translates to, “Prepare for unexpected results.”

And it doesn’t end there. The latest PC Gamer magazine seems to contain a tease of some sort as posted by Wario64 over on NeoGAF.

So, we could be on to something. I wouldn’t get too excited. It seems like the start of an ARG to me, but I can easily say that as I’m not invested in the franchise the way so many seem to be.

We could be a month out from the reveal of Half-Life 3. We’ll keep reporting in.