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Top 10 best beards in gaming

What’s the manliest thing a male hero can have? A big sword? A lot of hair gel? Tickets to Iron Maiden? I’d say none of these things. Unless you guessed mustache, then you’d be very close. It’s a beard! The thrill of having hair on your face. Pretty much everyone on staff (other than a few youngsters) has a beard, and we wear them proudly as we write about video games. So, to make sure you have a fun little time, here’s my Top 10 beards in gaming. Strictly personal and no Gordon Freeman. Sorry, everyone I’ve already disappointed. Now, onto the list.

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Perry Jackson

Coming off from sites like XBLAFans, GameJudgment and TouchArcade, I'm looking to further extend my reach with the multiplatform news. I love all sorts of games from 2d side-scrollers to action/adventures set in fantasies or gothic nature like Castlevania. My 3 favourite games ever are Viewtiful Joe, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Chrono Trigger.

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