Rumor: Microsoft discontinuing MS points


Moon bucks, Allards, fun money; Microsoft’s virtual currency has gone by many names, but soon it’ll just be gone, period. At least, it’s current form will.

The Verge’s ever-reliable Tom Warren is citing sources claiming Microsoft plans to switch form using the MS points system to simply using actual currency. The new payment system is essentially a copy-paste of iTunes: You can pay with a credit or debit card and gift cards worth various amounts will be available online and at retailers. Microsoft plans to implement the transition in time for the launch of it’s next-generation Xbox console. An announcement is scheduled for E3.

There’s no word on whether your current MS points will simply be converted should they not have been used by the time the big switch is made, so you might want to use them while you can. (Can I recommend Black Ops II’s Kawaii Pack? I have no idea what’s in it and I’m just dying to know.)

via The Verge.