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Enhanced edition of ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’ hitting mobile devices

Written by Josiah Renaudin

A new, even prettier version of Square’s classic strategy game, Final Fantasy Tactics, will see yet another iteration on iOS and Android.

Square’s tactical complement to its revolutionary JRPG fanchise is now out in Japan for Android through the company’s Square Enix Market, with a release likely on the Google Play store in the near future. However, no date has been given.

Famitsu’s report also details an overhaul to the game’s now out-of-date interface, which will allow for full customization and multi-touch featured built for smart phones. The drawing speed will also be upped and, once again, it’ll look quite a bit more impressive than any other Tactics release.

Take a look at the difference.

This update is also expected to makes its way to the previously released iOS title.

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