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‘Dead Space 3: Under a Buck’ Achievement Guide

Written by Josiah Renaudin

Just picked up Dead Space 3 and lookin’ for some help with the game’s Achievements? Don’t you worry, dear reader: we got you covered.

Video Coordinator Todd Schlickbernd is here to show you how to get some of the most saught after Points in Visceral Games’ latest thriller. Here’s a description of the Under the Buck Achievement:

The game is 60 dollars, but this achievement is under a buck! Hah! During chapter 4, still early in the game, when you reach the top of the officer’s deck elevator you’ll come out into the admiral’s quarters. Before (or after) the cutscene with the “Turn it oooff” shoot the deer head on the wall for gamerscore and for shits and giggles.

[youtube id=”Emu4b1aqxGU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Now that you know how to grab it, it’s time to fire up the game and get some Points. Let us know if you get it in the comments below!

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