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ARG on Bungie website could be ‘Destiny’ related

Companies are devising ever-more ingenious ways to viral market their product, from joke products to alternate websites. Bungie appears to be attempting the same thing.

A strange ARG (Alternate Reality Game) has appeared on the Bungie website that tasks visitors with aligning little diamonds correctly to natch “the day’s pattern to the light.” Savvy users that can correctly figure out the riddle and solve the puzzle get treated to a couple pieces of what appear to be Destiny viral information relating to coordinates and vectors, as well as another puzzle that will require the efforts of far more than one person. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but this is the first of apparently seven days of information, so each day you can solve what will probably be a new puzzle and get some more info. Is the related to Project Destiny? Only time will tell, but it seems likely.

Share your thoughts, theories, and findings on this puzzle in the comments, or discuss Destiny in our forums!

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