‘Demon’s Souls’ coming to PSN next week


The immensely popular, tough-as-nails JRPG Demon’s Souls by From Software and published in the west by ATLUS, is coming to the PSN when the Store updates this Tuesday, January 8th.

The news comes right from a PlayStation Blog post by ATLUS’ Nick Marago. In addition to the game’s downloadable release, a Pure White World Tendency (err?) will be held from the 8th to the 14th, which “slightly reduces the difficulty of the game and opens up a few things that can only be accessed in the Pure White state.” Thankfully, one of the game’s most notable features–its online functionality in which players can leaves hidden messages about the world, and infiltrate other players’ games both for good and bad–will remain intact.

Early last year ATLUS reported that they will be pulling the plug on its online servers for the game, seeing as sustaining support was becoming harder to support (especially with the audience moving onto its multi-platform successor, Dark Souls). However in late May of 2012 the publisher announced that the servers will remain for the foreseeable future, and are currently still running.

Demon’s Souls will be made available on the PSN next week for US$20.

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