‘The Old Republic’ getting new story expansion early next year



BioWare’s flagship MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be getting a full expansion to the saga in Spring of 2013 (Autumn for southern hemispherians) titled ‘Rise of the Hutt Cartel.’ The expansion will feature all-new story content for each character class, consisting of a faction of Hutts looking to increase their galactic strength by attempting to seize the planet Makeb while the Republic and Sith are squabbling.

In terms of player development the level cap will be increased to level 55, which also includes new abilities, gear and skill points. Those who pre-order the expansion by Jan 7th 2013 will gain five days of early access. The content will cost US$9.99 for subscribers and US$19.99 for everyone else.

Will you be getting in on some sweet, sweet TOR expansion action? Or is this too little, too late for an MMORPG that isn’t World of Warcraft? Have your say below in the comments.

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