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Moby Dick Studio continues to tease “The Phantom Pain”


UPDATE: A reader has pointed out a disclaimer on the official website that discloses fake accounts.

[DISCLAIMER] Moby Dick Studio and our representatives do not currently operate through any social medias such as Facebook or Twitter, except for YOUTUBE.

Sorry to get your hopes up, guess we’re just going to have to wait for more information to emerge.


Those who’ve liked Moby Dick Studio on Facebook are getting bits and pieces of information regarding The Phantom Pain as the fanbase reaches certain milestones. “We are going to continue with unlocking these exclusives for all of you to enjoy. Every 100 new likes, we’ll be telling you something you didn’t know before,” they posted in one of their statuses.

As the page hit it’s first 100 they revealed the first crucial fact, “First unlock: The character in the trailer is not who you think he/she is.” Since the Internet is assuming that the character is in fact Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, this would throw many theories off.

“Open Your Eyes” was the first comment they made and as fans began to response they confirmed what we all suspected – “We can assure you the website is fake. The official YouTube page has a link to an official Google+ page. Think about it.”

We’ll keep you updated if any big details are revealed.

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