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Rumor: First ‘Dragon Age III’ screenshot leaked

Written by Josiah Renaudin

The first screenshot for BioWare and EA’s Dragon Age III: Inquisition may have just hit the internet.

BioWare’s Art and Animation Director Neil Thompson was presenting at the Bradford Animation Festival in England last night, and while there was plenty of good information regarding the art of the games he’s worked on coming out of his mouth, the most interesting piece of the show was likely the Dragon Age III image that popped up. It only stayed on the screen for a few seconds, but it was just long enough for Twitter user @dripster to capture a quick photo.

BioWare¬†Community manager Chris Priestly has now taken to the BioWare forums, claiming the picture is nothing but concept art, not a screenshot. Whether that’s true or not is unknown.

Thanks to IGN for spotting the photo.

What do you think about this first image? Is it an in-game screenshot, or just simply some concept art that BioWare is working on? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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