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First ‘Dishonored’ DLC lands in December


Arkane isn’t done with with their dark revenge fable Dishonored. The studio has at least three more DLC packs planned for the future, the first of which will be dropping in December.

“Dunwall City Trials” will feature ten separate challenge maps for Corvo to exercise his skills, such as timed stealth challenges, arena battles and assassination missions. The pack will be $4.99. Next year, two more packs will be releasing and will actually tie into the story of Dishonored as well as give Corovo a few more toys to play with. The first of these will be about an assassin named Daud and will be releasing in the spring.

We loved Dishonored. Did you feel the same way? Are you going to be investing in the DLC? Tell us in the comments, or discuss your playthrough in the forums!

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