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‘Mass Effect 3′ update adds new Krogan Shaman Adept


BioWare has just posted a new multiplayer balance update for Mass Effect 3 which fixes a number of infinite rocket glitches among other things. The piece that will probably excite you the most lies in the dreadfully deadly Krogan Shaman Adept. Since it is an ultra rare item, it’s still unclear as to what exactly her powers are.

The team also cycled to a new pair of hazard maps with Firebase Giant and Firebase Ghost. This confirms our assumptions that these would cycle on a weekly basis and not a biweekly one like the weekend challenges.

A complete list of patches and changes is available below.

Krogan Shaman Adept kit now available as a new Rare card

The hazard maps available this week are Firebase Giant and Firebase Ghost



  • Bronze Melee medal now requires 10 kills instead of 5
  • Silver Melee medal now requires 25 kills instead of 10
  • Gold Melee medal now requires 50 kills instead of 15


  • Added a Krogan Shaman challenge to Bloodpack Mastery
  • Fixed an issue where extracting with the new Retaliation kits was not registering certain challenges
  • Challenges that required extraction weren’t properly crediting the case where exactly 3 out of 4 players extracted
  • The changes below were put in place to fix a bug where some players could no longer progress after unlocking a Gold challenge:
    – Combat Mastery goal changed from 9 to 12
    – Cerberus Mastery goal changed from 17 to 21
    – Reaper Mastery goal changed from 15 to 18
    – Geth Mastery goal changed from 12 to 18
    – Collector Mastery goal changed from 12 to 15

Acolyte Pistol

  • Removing charge mechanic – now fires instantly
  • Rate of fire is now 40, with a minimum fire time of 1 second
  • This fixes an infinite Missile Launcher exploit

Krysae Sniper Rifle

  • Can no longer hold the fire button to zoom in the scope – now fires instantly
  • This fixes an infinite Missile Launcher exploit

Widow Sniper Rifle

  • Damage increased from [867-1083.8] to [997-1246.3]

Krysae Sniper Rifle

  • Damage increased from [429-548] to [493.4-616.8]

Kishock Sniper Rifle

  • Damage increased from [774.5-968.1] to [890.7-1113.4]
  • Percentage of total damage that is done as bleed damage increased from 33% to 40%
  • Bleed damage duration reduced from 10 to 5 seconds (the same damage is spread over a shorter duration)

Black Widow Sniper Rifle

  • Damage increased from [591.2-739] to [739.0-923.8]

Javelin Sniper Rifle

  • Damage increased from [1030.5-1288.1] to [1236.6-1545.8]

Earlier this week, BioWare announced that the second post-launch single player add-on for Mass Effect 3. Titled Omega, it will release on November 27 for $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points).

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