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Wii U GamePad supported for entirety of ‘Darksiders 2′

Written by Angelo Valdivia

Darksiders 2 will be fully playable with the Wii US’s new GamePad from start to finish. Utilizing the second screen, players will now have the addition of motion controls and touchscreen input to enhance the experience. Take note that these are completely optional, and traditional gameplay inputs are also compatible.

The game’s first DLC pack, ‘Argul’s Tomb,’ will also be available on the Wii U version’s retail disc, along with all the pre-order bonuses. The next sets of DLC, ‘The Abyssal Forge’ and ‘The Demon Lord Belial,’ will be released post-release on the eShop.

We recently gave Darksiders 2 a favourable review, and the extra control methods along with packed in DLC equating up to an additional five hours of gameplay make this a worthy title to grace Nintendo’s next console.

Darksiders 2 will release alongside the Wii U at launch starting November 18th in the US.

Does this news get you more excited for the Wii U launch? Or is this just another cash-grab? Debate below or spark some conversation in our forum.

Thanks, Polygon.

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