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Multiple US retailers selling out of Wii U pre-orders

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Written by Angelo Valdivia

Various US retailers are making announcements that they are running out of pre-order opportunities for both the Basic and Deluxe models of the Wii U. With Nintendo’s next home console release starting in the Americas on November 18, it seems we may see a repeat of a scarcity of units similar to the Wii’s 2006 launch.

Best Buy, Toys R Us and Target have run out of both models, however GameStop is still toting availability of the Basic SKU – but all things considered, time could be running out on that too.

No word yet as to how other regional markets are fairing, but we’ll keep you updated on any developments.

Does this news make you want to jump on the pre-order bandwagon? Or will you be waiting for the dust to settle post launch? Let us know below or discuss it in our forum.

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