Halo 4 To Contain Only One Map Remake


This morning on Twitter, 343 Industries own Frank “Frankie” O’connor revealed that Halo 4 will only contain one map which is a remake of a previous map. While Frankie did not let us know what map it is, he did leave us with one hint that “it is NOT small.” Frankie has also mentioned that “It is good [and] it will cause the least drama of any new thing.”

Although we know very little of this map, we can start putting some guesses together and eliminating many of the smaller maps from previous Halo games. This leaves us with some great maps like Sidewinder/Avalanche, Zanzibar/Last Resort, Valhalla, Blood Gulch/Coagulation and many more maps which I have left out of that list. Sadly, we weren’t told if it would be a map that has already been remade before, or if it is it’s first time being remade.

Personally, I am hoping we will see Valhalla. I loved that map on Halo 3 and had a lot of fun times on it. What map do you want to come back in Halo 4 as the one remade map and why? Let us know in the comments below or in the Stick Skills forums!